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My three year old
My three year old daughter began her swimming lessons with a fear of the water. Mrs. Hill immediately won Lexi's trust because of her thorough knowledge and extreme patience. These days we swim at least once a week, always with adult supervision and never with fear!!!
Dr. & Mrs. Ed Washington
Medical Doctor
Tempe, Arizona


My girls
Both our girls have participated in the ISR program with great success. After completing their lessons with Miss Julyann they have found a happy medium between playing carelessly in the pool and respecting the dangers of any body of water. Not only has ISR given them the skills to survive, but it also gave them the confidence to tackle both physical and mental challenges.
Liz Blunks


Saved herself
Swim lessons are part of the cost of owning a pool, just like a fence. Both of our children ages 3 1/2 (1st lesson 14 mo.) and 1 (1st lesson 6 mo) have attended ISR lessons with Julyann. It is a FANTASTIC program. Our 1 year old has fallen in the pool and saved herself. As the parents we enjoy our pool more because of the extra layer of safety.
Elizabeth and Wayne Graham
America West Airlines Pilot, Continental Airlines Pilot
Phoenix, Arizona
Parents of Quinn and Sarah


911 Operator
As a former Special Forces soldier and combat diver, I realize the value of superior instruction and training. Infant Swimming Resource has superbly trained instructors and updated teaching techniques. Thats why I choose I.S.R. for my two year old nephew. Not only does he have the skills to survive in a water environment, he is relaxed and confident in the pool. Currently, I work as a 911 Operator and Fire Dispatcher for the city of Mesa, Az. I have personally given C.P.R instructions over the phone to parents of drowning children. I have great confidence in my nephews ability in and around the water now, since he completed the I.S.R. course. I would highly recommend I.S.R. for anyone with children. It has given me peace of mind.
Dave Royer
911 Emergency Dispatcher
Mesa, Arizona